every home has a cool factor,
and we help you find it

mhm homes is Colorado’s
real estate brokerage focused on the artistry of living.

We believe in connection first;
every home has a soul-filled story to tell.

Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture, or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property.

to our beloved buyers

We find the joy, the spark, the passion; we find
the home that lights you up.

to our beloved sellers

We don’t apologize for the prices our homes
command; they are absolutely deserved.

the coolest
brokers in town

We are scholars of real estate.
We are connoisseurs of design.
We are experts in architecture.

At milehimodern, we do not price homes. We find the value. Our associates are experts in assessing each home based on criteria that lend to distinction. We are curators of real estate, finding the unique brushstrokes of every home.

a catalogue of artful luxury — elevate your living