who we are

milehimodern (mhm) is Colorado’s real estate brokerage focused on the artistry of living.

We believe in connection first; every home has a soul-filled story to tell.

Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture, or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property.

Let us tell your story.


At milehimodern, we curate the coolest homes in town.

We capture the beauty.
We see the architecture.
We find the unique edge.

Every home has a cool factor,
and we help you find it.


We are the edge in real estate where artistry defines living.

In a world where technology can make real estate increasingly transactional, we are the leaders in this industry because we stand on this principal:

real estate is an expression of humanity.

our story

mhm was born out of a collective desire to rise above mediocrity. In a world where technology can diminish quality or isolate us, we provide concierge-level service and curate meaningful connections for our clients.

Our ethos is honoring the artistry of living, which drives our passion for transforming what it means to buy or sell properties. As local, experienced brokers, we are passionate about servicing our clients – helping them find the spaces they call home and communities that reflect their lifestyles. When we represent our sellers we share the beautiful artistry of their homes, both the unique qualities of their architecture and the rich tapestries of their neighborhoods. By guiding our clients to see the artistry all around us, real estate comes alive. The incalculable allure, the context of value and the inherent merit all enrich the home’s story.

Art is all around us. It engages us. It reveals us. It connects us.

We are bringing an artful experience to real estate, energizing one soul at a time.

our promise

to our beloved buyers

We find the joy, the spark, the passion;
we find the home that lights you up.

to our beloved sellers

We don’t apologize for the prices our homes command;
they are absolutely deserved.