Sarah LaBram

Sarah LaBram

/ / leader. authentic. determined.

Sarah LaBram imparts her years of wide-ranging experience and knowledge entirely across her business and has directly contributed to the esteemed success and growth of milehimodern. As the former Supervising Broker and Director of Operations, Sarah was responsible for carrying out all operations, employee/broker management and compliance oversight at mhm.

From a young age, Sarah’s life has consistently concentrated on real estate and development. Her family runs a prosperous residential construction company in Florida. She received her real estate license and was immediately ingrained in the family business—from sales, financials, operations and marketing—after graduating with a degree in Advertising from the University of Florida. Before joining mhm in 2012, Sarah founded a successful independent brokerage firm in Florida. Her all-encompassing background in each real estate role allows her to provide exceptional service to her clients.

Sarah serves with over 20 years of real estate experience, creating an unparalleled client experience with her real estate partner, Ben Clark, and their team, denverpads. They bring significant guidance and authenticity to the real estate process and assure seamless transactions while fostering life-long relationships. Ben and Sarah’s mission is to provide concierge-level service combined with exemplary leadership, honesty and intelligence—and to have a little fun while doing it.

denver pads team

Cultivating a highly communicative and authentic approach to the buying and selling process are the guiding principles for Denver Pads, an industry-leading team within milehimodern comprised of Ben Clark, Sarah LaBram, Dani Langfield and Nick Ulrich. A true team in every sense of the definition, Ben, Sarah and Dani have worked together at milehimodern for nearly a decade as both colleagues and friends. This organic synergy that defines the team directly benefits their growing sphere of clients that spans from southeast to northwest Denver. In the competitive luxury market, the Denver Pads team operates with complementing skillsets and powerful concierge-level service, offering clients an effective, results-driven approach. Ben, Sarah, Dani and Nick, with their nearly 45 years of combined real estate experience, bring significant guidance, market knowledge and intelligence to the real estate process and assure seamless transactions while fostering life-long relationships — and they have a little fun while doing it.

professional proficiencies

  • leading / mentoring clients
  • contract + systems expert
  • multifaceted knowledge of all roles in real estate

Sarah’s personal life revolves around family time with her two daughters, Alexandra and Leah Rose. Since setting roots in south Denver, Sarah is significantly involved with her community and enjoys always being on the go.

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