Nancy Arnett

Nancy Arnett

/ / determined. skillful. confident.

By positioning herself as a community builder and advocate, Nancy Arnett is able to showcase her resourcefulness and ability to find details that others miss. The former Goldman Sachs stockbroker and financial advisor knows firsthand the importance of education when it comes to transactions and ensures that her clients are informed at every step of the way.

Nancy’s experiences prior to real estate have all aligned to make her the powerhouse broker she is today. With her previous tenure in the financial sector — in both investments and mortgages — combined with her experience as a teacher and school principal, Nancy’s real estate career is a natural combination of her strengths.

Not only does Nancy understand the financial workings of the real estate market, she also considers the emotional investment as well. Having lived in 12 different states, Nancy has incredible insight into what it takes to recognize the best opportunities for equity value for her clients. This skillset perfectly complements her daughter, Julia Arnett, with whom Nancy partners.

arnett team – julia arnett + nancy arnett

The Arnett Team within milehimodern, Julia and Nancy, is a mother-daughter duo motivated by relational success and client happiness. The team came to offer two different skillsets all connected by the same goal. While Julia’s logistically-minded approach complements Nancy’s resourcefulness, the two share the same attention to detail and honest communication. Customer care and a genuine love for real estate are at the forefront of the Arnett Team’s values, which is why the two work with any customer at any price point.

professional proficiencies

  • financial investments
  • educated client approach
  • community building/expertise

Nancy begins her mornings with a stretch, a long walk and a coffee to jump-start her day. When she’s not actively negotiating a deal with Julia, Nancy can be found reading, hiking, sharing an Italian dinner with her family or binge-watching a drama series with her husband.

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  • electric tea kettle
  • yoga mat

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