Elizabeth Stein

Elizabeth Stein

/ / determined. savvy. communicative.

Elizabeth Anderson-Stein owns a winning mindset. Armed with a sharp, business-minded approach and a knack for negotiation, Elizabeth’s persistence and drive is evident through her skillful, successful transactions and sheer dedication to discovering each client’s passion — harnessing this inspiration to thoughtfully curate a personalized experience.

Possessing ten years of experience in corporate marketing, Elizabeth utilizes top strategies employed in corporate America today coupled with expert negotiation skills gained from ten years spent on Wall Street. As a second-generation real estate professional, her clients’ trust has evolved into lifelong friendships, even holding the honor of being named the executor to estates for clients she has represented.

Elizabeth is known by her clients for her tenacity and drive, always aiming to reach the point with every buyer and seller that is the ultimate real estate miracle for them — in both their price and home. She takes pride in her authentic, straightforward approach and, for 20+ years, has been praised for her sheer confidence in communication.

professional proficiencies

  • 20+ years of real estate broker experience in two states, CA + CO
  • expert negotiation skills
  • client trust + communication

Elizabeth understands the importance of health and wellness, challenging herself every day to wake up at 5:00 a.m. for mindful meditation, exercise and preparing for the day. She enjoys taking in Colorado by distance running, dancing ballet and skiing. Elizabeth connects to nature by tending to her herb, tomato and lettuce garden, and she is actively involved in the community through Colorado Horse Rescue and Colorado Ballet.

home staples

  • Moka pot coffee maker
  • Apple Watch
  • the family Irish Setter “Crosby”

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