Blaine Ussery

Blaine Ussery

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Blaine Ussery sees the beauty in real estate. His commitment to finding his clients beautiful homes on beautiful properties is a testament to his distinct approach as a broker. Gaining as much knowledge about a property as he can, Blaine is able to answer any question or concern a client may have, allowing them to be fully present in the transaction process. Possessing a keen eye for design, Blaine focuses on showcasing the finest features of a property — both seen and unseen.

Pursuing a degree in architecture energized Blaine’s passion for real estate, with an interest in home design and remodeling evolving into obtaining his license. As an investment property owner, Blaine is experienced as a property manager, project manager for remodels, sharp negotiator and more. A skillful coach and advisor, Blaine expertly guides his clients through the transaction process with patience and understanding.

Well known for his distinct vision, Blaine possesses the unique ability to showcase the utmost potential of a property to his clients. Through personalized coaching, he inspires buyers to envision themselves as residents in a particular home or encourages seeing beyond a current space to imagine what could be. Highly skilled in advising clients on how to add value to a property, Blaine is especially experienced in high-end land, farm and ranch properties.

professional proficiencies

  • in-depth knowledge of Denver + surrounding areas
  • passion for architecture + design
  • skillful coach + advisor

When Blaine is not helping clients, he can easily be found with his partner taking care of their six horses — and horseback riding as often as he can. Blaine delights in traveling to new and favorite places with his partner and dogs and he enjoys keeping active at the gym. He never skips his daily habit of calling a family member or friend just to chat and taking his dogs on walks around the ranch.

home staples

  • scented candles
  • oversized hoodies
  • Tony Chachere’s seasoning

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