Emie Watters

Emie Watters

/ / trustworthy. resourceful. hardworking.

A distinct dedication to helping clients achieve their goals drives Emie Watters’ successful career in real estate. Having lived around the Denver Metro/Boulder area for over 30 years, her expert knowledge of the area coupled with her excellent communication and sharp negotiation skills makes her a trusted resource in the transaction process and beyond. Listening closely to her clients to understand their specific needs, she focuses on minimizing stress for an enjoyable experience.

Emie’s extensive professional experience in design, wealth management, marketing, real estate and coaching provides her with a unique platform to expertly assist her clients. Having earned her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, Emie worked as a designer to develop residential communities and urban spaces, and later expanded into the financial services and wealth management industry. A people person skilled in building meaningful relationships, her passion for helping others achieve their goals is further amplified in her work as a yoga instructor and personal/life coach.

Well-known for her commitment to communication with her clients and tight execution in deals, Emie treats every client like family as she guides them through the transaction process. Recognizing the financial significance of a major real estate decision, she remains steady and consistent as a supportive advocate and advisor. Emie particularly enjoys preparing her sellers’ homes by organizing a timeline for updates as well as helping her buyers visualize the potential of a new home.

professional proficiencies

  • Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture
  • expert communication skills
  • sharp negotiation skills

A fitness enthusiast and passionate yogi, Emie finds inspiration and relaxation in practicing yoga regularly. When she’s not helping clients, she can easily be found reading a new novel, hiking nature trails or laughing with her kids. Emie never skips her daily routine of sipping her morning tea, making a to-do list and walking her dogs. Actively involved in her community, she works with Project I See You and their Shared Power Initiative in support of helping women reach homeownership for the first time.

home staples

  • vibrant houseplants
  • natural sunlight
  • heavy down comforter

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