Kaitryn Hayes

Kaitryn Hayes

/ / compassionate. authentic. creative.

Meet Kaitryn Hayes, a passionate and dedicated real estate broker based in both Denver and the mountains of Colorado. With a focus on creating enjoyable and stress-free experiences for her clients, Kaitryn is known for going above and beyond to help her community find their dream homes.

Kaitryn originally got her real estate license in Melbourne, Australia; she then received her Colorado license after moving back to the states. Having worked in real estate for three years, Kaitryn’s unique approach to marketing herself through social media has helped her grow her business and reach a wider audience. With a keen eye for fashion and design, she has cultivated an authentic following that she uses to prospect new clients and market homes for sellers.

Kaitryn’s passion for real estate stems from her early love of architecture and interior design, which began with collecting books on the topics at a young age. Growing up in Rhode Island, she saw the potential in older homes that others didn’t and found that real estate was the perfect career to blend her passion with helping clients find lucrative investments. Clients often compliment Kaitryn on her excellent communication skills, actively listening to their needs to find them the perfect home, and her compassionate approach to the often tricky and stressful process. Kaitryn works with everyone and enjoys the challenge of finding the right match for all of her clients.

professional proficiencies

  • expert-level communication
  • social media savviness
  • creativity + compassion

Having grown up on the water, Kaitryn enjoys any activity that involves a boat or the ocean. Conversely, Kaitryn can also be found in the mountains while skiing. Her free time includes walking her dog and browsing the MLS for her dream ranch in Montana.

home staples

  • toaster
  • hummus
  • lint roller

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