bringing local art into the home

Homes are the sanctuaries in which we embrace our true character; the use of our spaces exemplifies individuality. These spaces come alive not only in the ways we use them but how we finish, furnish and decorate to imbue every room with personality. Our favorite way of breathing soul into our homes? Adorning our spaces with art by local artists.

Whether local artists pull inspiration from the peaceful backdrop of mountainous terrain, the endless sunny skies or the distinct communities that surround them, one thing is for certain: Colorado is home to an incredible population of talented artists, and that number continues to grow through local organizations. Among the many artists that Colorado encompasses, below are a few that have made statements in milehimodern listings.

will day

Although some pieces of art can fit delicately within a home’s more intimate spaces — think an entryway or between two doorways — Will Day’s work draws attention to whatever space within which it resides, often marrying itself to its surroundings when intentionally hung.

Scale and color are the most imminent factors that define a Will Day original — yet it is the interplay of evocative linear nuances that provoke a brilliant human connection and counterbalances sumptuous millwork in 3355 Vista Drive.


inga pae

With subject matter that exists up and down the spectrum of possibility, Inga Pae’s photographic reveries are connected by the familiarity of raw emotion rendered in stunning (if not a bit perplexing) compositions. By playing with color, text, multiple exposures and a mixture of mediums, each series of Pae’s work is astonishingly distinct, yet wholly engrossed in mystery.

Like the veils of light that stream in through floor-to-ceiling glass, Pae’s artwork in 3355 Vista Drive emerges as a delicate prelude to the space beyond consciousness.


lee reedy

Whether it’s the exaggerated colors of his landscapes or the brilliant brushstrokes of his Americana works, Lee Reedy creates magic from the mundane in each of his masterfully executed art pieces. With subject matter firmly rooted in his love for the West and a superior grasp of color and depth, there is no mistaking Reedy’s work with another.

Repetition reigns in 1341 Dartmouth Avenue, where an original Reedy painting brings soul to everyday objects and honors the bond between humans and their environments.


joy benenson

Attention-grabbing and delightfully playful, Joy Benenson’s work tackles social, political and pop culture references in elated and accessible ways. Well-known figures emerge as laser-cut elements within many of Benenson’s originals, while fluorescent colors, pops of text and expressive materials add levity to otherwise serious undertones.

These whimsical colors and shapes continue amongst a medley of mediums that radiate bliss in a bold iteration of Mick Jagger residing within 126 Glencoe Street.