get the word on integrating florals in the home

As Colorado moves through the delicate moments between spring and summer, the landscape becomes alight with lush trees and radiant wildflowers. Rain is a welcome companion between days with steadily warming temperatures, as it helps the state’s abundant plant life thrive and become more verdant. It is no wonder that Mother’s Day is the among the busiest holidays for florists — no matter where you look, May flowers are surrounding.

Flowers in the home can serve more purposes than just a gift given by a friend or loved one. According to a study by Rutgers University, flowers can positively impact emotions and boost moods when brought into the home. Below are a few ways that homeowners can intentionally bring florals into the home.

find inspiration

Fortunately for Coloradoans, inspiration for floral design can be found everywhere. Tourists and residents alike flock to the Denver Botanic Gardens for an experience of horticultural splendor. The Gardens host a series of exhibitions and plant collections from which to pull inspiration for interior styling.

Alternatively, Colorado residents can find floral inspiration while experiencing the state’s endless nature trails. Over 3,200 varieties of wildflowers pop up in Colorado’s spring and summer months. Next time an outdoor adventure is on the itinerary, pay attention to the ways that colors and textures interact with one another. Does the purple columbine stand out against the light green prairie sage? Are the prickly spines of thistle a good match for the soft western clematis? Dimensions also matter. Even though the colors complement one another, the yellow alpine paintbrush towers over an Easter daisy. Colorado’s stout species of cacti all but disappear beneath a blanket of larkspur. Keep in mind: wildflowers are for looking, not touching or harvesting.

create intention

When bringing anything into the home, whether it is art, furniture or plants, it is important to recognize the intention of having the item part of your space. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve from an arrangement or live plants. To draw attention to a space or make the arrangement a centerpiece, opt for a larger scale and brighter colors. Alternatively, if you want a floral arrangement to blend into the space, try to find colors that stay within your home’s color palette.

Consider the other elements of the home. Do you gravitate towards earthy textures or sleek, contemporary finishes? Dried floral arrangements can provide an air of natural inspiration to a home with more organic forms and muted colors. Bolder design elements — such as open-concept floorplans and linear forms — visually favor a structured silhouette, like that of a calla lily or long-stemmed rose.

To add more life to a space, consider a live plant that will continue to provide beautiful foliage and lovely blooms. “A house is a home when it’s comfortable and you want to be there,” says Terry Rennolds of Little Eden. “Plants provide a nice aesthetic with all the different varieties there are to choose from — any color, any size. As an added bonus, plants also clean the air and have been proven to make people feel happier!”

Additionally, homeowners should consider the scents imparted by florals in the home. Eucalyptus is a beautiful complement in the bathroom or steam room for a pleasant, relaxing smell. Lavender works well in entryways as a lovely greeting for guests and residents. Try to avoid overly powerful blooms in the kitchen, as scent is known to interfere with taste.

leave it to the pros

Since 2020’s first shutdown, many homeowners and apartment dwellers turned to arranging flowers as a mood-booster and shutdown-induced hobby. This DIY approach to arranging florals in the home has resulted in countless blog posts, videos and resources for homeowners to try arranging flowers themselves. However, the DIY approach is not for everyone.

Local florists have access to seasonal blooms from nearby farms and wholesale suppliers for non-local species — something not readily available to the average consumer. Florists also understand the unique knowledge that goes into arranging flowers, from the design, textures, colors and long-term care for lasting blooms. Florists such as Pickletown Flower Co. offer both dried and live arrangements in a variety of silhouettes and colors. Pickletown’s flower truck offers flexibility for residents, too — Jessica, owner of Pickletown Flower Co., can arrive right at your home to create a custom arrangement on the spot.

For an even more hands-off approach to florals, Fiori Flowers in Boulder offers a Flower of the Month club subscription. Available at every budget, homeowners receive professional arrangements delivered right to their homes every month. The subscription service is also available for weekly delivery.