get the word on keeping cozy in + out of the home

For Coloradans, there are generally two schools of thought when it comes to the shifting seasons: excitement for the cooler temperatures, or unwillingness to let go of summer’s heat. No matter which category you fall into, there are endless ways to embrace autumn both inside and outside of the home.

enjoy seasonal produce

Buying and cooking with seasonal produce is a twofold experience. To start, buying seasonal produce supports local businesses when purchasing directly from farmers. Additionally, seasonal produce is grown and harvested at its peak, offering a more delicious and nutritious component to any autumn dish. If you are unsure of what produce is seasonal to your area, visit any of the local farmers markets below.

Denver // Union Station / South Pearl Street / Highlands Farmers Market

Boulder // Boulder County Farmers Market / Sunbeam Farm

adopt a new scent

Scent and memory are so closely linked that it’s no wonder why there is an entire industry based on branded scents for businesses. Homeowners can tap into the psychology of scent by selecting a few complementary aromas every season; the act of which can invite refreshing energy and usher in the new season in a delightful way. Although it may be tempting to douse your home in pumpkin and cinnamon scents (they are in season, after all), local boutiques such as Sacred Thistle stock an incredible selection of candles and incense in unique aromas such as Leather and Cedar and Concrete After Lightning.

adjust the lighting

Now is the perfect time to reassess your home’s lighting. With the fall equinox come and gone, the days are becoming shorter as the night gets longer. Soon enough, we will be spending more time without natural light in our homes, relying solely on artificial light from lamps and fixtures. Play with different color temperatures, such as a warmer bulb for a cozier glow, to find what is the most uplifting and what suits your décor. If you can’t decide between a cooler or warmer light temperature, consider smart bulbs that can shift colors with the mood.

keep warm with a beverage

The days of iced coffee are in the rearview window — it’s time to bring out the seasonal mugs and make the switch back to cozy, hand-warming beverages. If your morning coffee ritual could use a refresh, you can start by first switching up your go-to grounds with a subscription from Native Coffee Club — a company that offers subscribers a taste of local coffee from a select Colorado roaster every month. If hot tea is more your style, spend an afternoon at the renowned Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, a gift from Boulder’s sister city that combines centuries-old architecture with the enchanting experience of traditional tea.

move your furniture

Even those who embrace autumn with full force could still benefit from a seasonal shift in their home. An economical, yet effective way to usher in a new season is by moving furniture around to create a new flow and composition. Arrange your living room in such a way that promotes conversation over a hot toddy, or move your bed closer to a window to enjoy the fleeting morning light.

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