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A resolution, a new goal or a lifestyle change — typically manifested around the New Year, these intentions center around inward self-improvement. Steps towards internal goals can be complex, requiring more than just a few weeks of commitment to achieve the desired results. The distractions of daily minutia and set routines — such as keeping a tidy home — may cause roadblocks during the long journey of self-improvement, but there are ways to simplify our routines so that we may better focus on the goals ahead.

Our home settings are more than just our places of rest. These spaces can directly contribute to our feeling of self-worth and inspiration. A cluttered home can feel like an outward expression of the internal, so it’s important to ensure our home spaces are tidy while working towards our inner goals. Below are just a few ways to set the stage for a successful, intentional year to come.


According to Anna Butler of UnclutterCO, our homes mirror our inner selves. “I believe our homes are a reflection of so many things including our moods, personalities and  productivity and stress levels,” says Butler. “There have been studies linking the negative effects of clutter on mental health. Clutter can make it difficult to get things done and live in an orderly and efficient manner.”

The first step towards a tidy home begins with minimizing the amount of clutter that surrounds us. Beginning with a single room, start by tossing or recycling any trash, including packaging, expired papers or broken items. Next, assess each item by its frequency of use and determine whether or not it is worth keeping. For example, that ice cream maker that was gifted for a wedding? If you’re more likely to snag a to-go pint from Little Man Ice Cream, it’s time to relinquish the appliance.

The next and most challenging step is to create a system to stay organized. “It’s much easier to stay organized when you have less stuff. It’s that simple,” says Cohen. “My biggest advice is to create realistic goals for your lifestyle and a system that mirrors that for each space.” Start small with a series of organizational bins for the pantry, or by sorting and storing clothes by season.


If your resolution was to begin a yoga practice, there is no worse time to experience dust bunnies than during shavasana. The same goes for those who wish to cook at home more often — are your stove and refrigerator up to the task? Once the home is free and clear of clutter, it’s time to assess the mess.

Cleaning the home is just as simple as decluttering; start in one room and slowly work your way through the rest of the house. Most of us are already loyal to our home cleaning brands, but with the New Year comes an opportunity to branch out and explore the possibilities of an eco-minded approach to cleaning. Our favorite boutiques for bulk and eco-friendly home cleaning supplies are Homefill in Denver and Cedar & Hyde in Boulder.

Not up to the chore of giving your home a full scrub down? That’s okay — there are plenty of professionals in the area who are more than happy to tackle the task.

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Now that your home has been decluttered and physically cleansed, we can become more attuned to the distinct energy that our homes hold. Take a moment to reflect on how each space in your home made you feel on any given day in 2021.

Was your kitchen a space of gathering and enjoyment?

Did your bedroom make you feel relaxed and well-rested?

Were the living spaces places of laughter and entertainment?

If there are any areas in your home that felt imbalanced or do not serve their intended purpose, it may be time to assess the energy and vibration of each space — and it’s a much simpler task than it seems. This DIY approach may not be for everyone, though. Some spaces require the assistance of a professional that will begin by assessing the entire household and end by clearing each area of unwanted energy.

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