get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look

Iconic. Fascinating. Coveted. In Colorado, mid-century modern homes are more than just part of a sweeping trend or a source of décor inspiration; these sought-after residences are relics of the state’s storied past, and venues for historic preservation. The Front Range’s post-war boom in the 1950s was the birth of several mid-mod enclaves in the metro areas, including neighborhoods such as Arapahoe Acres, Harvey Park and Deza Estates in Denver, just to name a few. Boulder is also a study in mid-mod architecture with a selection of remarkably crafted estates, such as Charles Haertling’s Star House nestled in Kecoughtan Hills.  


The mid-century modern design movement was characterized by sleek, clean lines, and an emphasis on functionality and simplicity, influencing the motif of homes, graphic design and furniture. In the real estate realm, mid-century modern architecture has remained popular to this day and has influenced many contemporary architects. In this blog post, we will explore the key features of mid-century modern architecture and why the style has seen a resurgence in recent years.

the elements of mid-mod design

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look


One of the main features of mid-century modern architecture is its emphasis on functionality. This means that the design of buildings and spaces is centered around their intended use, with a focus on making them efficient and practical. This feature can be seen in the open floor plans, multi-purpose rooms and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces that are common in mid-century modern architecture.

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look
get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look


Another hallmark of mid-century modern architecture is its simplicity. This style favors clean lines and geometric shapes, often with a minimalist aesthetic. The use of simple, natural materials like wood, stone and glass is also common. This simplicity creates a sense of clarity and order, which is one of the reasons why this style has remained popular for so long.

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look

integration with nature

Mid-century modern architecture often emphasizes the relationship between buildings and their natural surroundings. This is achieved through features like large windows that let in natural light, and the use of materials that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. This feature is also evident in the use of indoor-outdoor spaces, such as patios, courtyards and terraces, which allow occupants to enjoy the natural environment. This connectivity is especially appreciated in Colorado, where residents enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year.

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look


Mid-century modern architecture was born out of the
technological advancements of the time, and as such, it often incorporates new materials and construction techniques. This includes the use of steel, reinforced concrete and new forms of insulation, which allowed for the creation of buildings with larger windows and open floorplans. This use of new materials and technology helped to create a new style of architecture that was both innovative and functional. 


the resurgence of mid-mod design

Popularized in the mid-20
th century, the clean lines, minimalist forms and the emphasis on functionality in the style have been embraced by a new generation of design enthusiasts. A refreshed definition of elegance focuses on the quality of materials and sustainability, allowing the simplicity of mid-century modern design to meld into many subsets of taste (think: Japandi, mid-mod boho and minimalism). What other elements of mid-century modern design have driven its resurgence decades after the style first became popularized? 

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look


For many people, mid-century modern design evokes a sense of
nostalgia for a simpler time. The clean lines, geometric shapes and bold colors of the style are reminiscent of the post-war era, a time when people were looking to the future with optimism and hope. This powerful feeling became a necessary escape in the past few years, when many people were looking to their surroundings for a sense of comfort.  

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look

timelessness + sustainability

Characterized by its simplicity and functionality, the elements of mid-century modern have helped the style to endure over the decades, as they remain relevant and useful today. Many design afficionados appreciate the timelessness of mid-century modern design and see it as a refreshing alternative to the ever-changing trends of contemporary design. This timelessness is twofold: with a growing desire for authentic mid-century modern homes and decor, the style lends itself well to sustainable design principles such as reusability and simplicity. Many mid-century modern pieces were built to endure and were made with high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.

get the word on the sought-after mid-century modern look

minimalist attitudes

The popularity of minimalism in recent years has also contributed to the resurgence of mid-century modern design. Influencers like
Marie Kondo and Elisabeth Heier are just a few of the driving minds behind the “less is more” mentality that has integrated into modern wardrobes, interiors, home styles and even skincare routines. The clean lines and simple forms of mid-century modern furniture and decor align with the principles of minimalism, making it a popular choice for those who are looking to simplify their lives and their homes. 


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