get the word on timeless kitchen trends for 2022

Whether prepping a home for resale or elevating each space for everyday use, homeowners are constantly seeking design solutions that tap into both trendiness and timelessness. When it comes to kitchen redesign — arguably the most effective, yet costliest investment of all home renovations — that balance is crucial. Above all, every square foot of the kitchen must consider function. Below are the 2022 kitchen trends that consider form, function and timelessness.

better + customized storage

Assessing your kitchen’s clutter is the first step to a more organized and welcoming space. For a bigger organizational project, homeowners may want to reassess the use of every square inch of their precious cabinet and pantry spaces. Rather than the standard, contractor-grade cabinets of yesteryear, homeowners at every budget are seeking more customized solutions to their storage spaces with pre-sectioned drawers, built-in beverage stations — hello, better morning coffee — and walk-in pantries. Stylized and more thoughtful storage can help homeowners keep their kitchens more organized and their pantries stocked with fresh staples.

caterer pantries

If space allows, homeowners can amplify their hosting capabilities with a caterer’s pantry. These areas, common in luxury homes, are a functional bridge between the kitchen and formal dining space. Typically equipped with a sink, dishwasher and beverage refrigerator, a caterer’s pantry affords an additional space for prep and plating. Even without supplemental appliances, a caterer’s pantry can be a cozy space used for special dishware storage. When not in use during a dinner party or at-home gathering, caterer’s pantries can be utilized as a morning beverage station to house larger countertop appliances such as espresso machines.

hidden appliances

Stainless steel appliances remain the standard for elevated kitchens and are often cited as a necessary inclusion in resale homes. However, a new appliance trend has taken hold in the luxury kitchen design space — built-in appliances hidden behind paneling to match the surrounding cabinetry. Built-in appliances provide a seamless and understated look to high-end kitchens, allowing visual cohesion in each space. Additionally, homeowners are seeking better storage to stash away small appliances, such as coffee makers and toasters, so that their countertops remain clutter-free.

outdoor kitchen

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to maximize the function of each space in their home, including their coveted outdoor oases. Standalone grills are no longer cutting it for al fresco entertaining — instead, homeowners are seeking customized outdoor kitchens that are just as stylish as their indoor counterparts. Built-in ranges, stone countertops and deep sinks are just a few of the necessary touches that take outdoor entertaining to the next level.