life house lohi

Long gone are the days of standard hotel offerings. Travelers, though currently challenged by the restrictions imparted by a global pandemic, are opting for opulent home shares or boutique-style hotels for a sense of elevated luxury and comfort despite abnormal travel conditions. With the onset of the holiday season, families and friend groups need to find creative ways to celebrate and staycation that are both responsible and enticingly authentic. Our recommendation? Life House LoHi.

Hotels like Life House LoHi exceed modern travelers’ needs by offering a highly-curated and design-forward selection of atypical rooms, suites and bunkrooms within optimal, wanderlust-inducing cities.

“Every one of our Houses is uniquely rooted to its locale, and Lower Highlands is no different,” said Rami Zeidan, Founder and CEO of Life House. “[For Life House LoHi], we partnered with a local couple who owned the property and collaborated brilliantly to create a beautiful hotel that timelessly pays homage to the organic evolution that the neighborhood has already been experiencing, while sharing a touch of new energy to travelers and locals alike.”

The rooms in Life House LoHi’s offering are not just places to lay your head down after a day of sightseeing, outdoor beer gardens or family gatherings—they are lavish areas for relaxation, remote work and inspiration. In current times, the rooms serve not just as a jumping off point for travel, but an all-day luxurious stay when hectic mandates force travelers to spend most of their time indoors.


Situated at the apex of modern builds and timeless Victorian architecture, Life House illustrates what locals love about the LoHi neighborhood. Independently owned boutiques and hip restaurants converge into either sleek new builds or reimagined industrial spaces, paying homage to both the future of Denver and its historic past. Travelers can spend leisurely afternoons tasting the flavors of Denver’s innovative craft beer scene or leafing through the pages of well-loved novels in a used bookstore. In the LoHi neighborhood, there is no need to choose between past and present.


All the necessities are accounted for: WiFi, high-quality Le Labo toiletries and a spa-like rain shower are the standard for Lifehouse LoHi rooms—although “standard” is hardly the appropriate term for this Victorian Industrialist stay. The first of its class in Denver, this highly-curated property is the brainchild of a design-forward team that wishes to both celebrate the history of LoHi and usher in a new era of wistful modernism.

Rest-seekers will find themselves wrapped in Revival New York linens. Audiophiles will appreciate the bedside Marshall speakers. The homestead theme of each room—whether a lavish suite or a modern bunkroom—takes guests to a place of refined western nostalgia, where pioneer reveries are met without sacrificing privacy or luxurious conveniences.

Life House LoHi offers seven distinct stays, broken down into three room types: a standard king, bunk rooms and suites.

Beyond Standard // The Deluxe King redefines standard hotel room offerings. Natural light shines on dark wood finishes through windows framed by earthy corduroy window treatments. Picture rail trim etches a line between a sultry, calming blue hue and the sky-high ceilings bordered by crown molding. The motif dances between commanding and elegant, further exemplified in a sleek bathroom with opulent finishes.

Elegant Bunk Rooms // The Superior Eight, Victorian Six, Cozy Quad and Deluxe Quad offer an elevated solution to group stays. Built-in double bunks are enveloped in rich velvet privacy curtains, maximizing every inch of the space for four to eight guests. Gracious bathrooms wrapped in designer finishes paired with an ideal locale create the perfect space for families and groups.

Lavish Suites // The Pioneer’s Suite and Explorer Suite serve Victorian opulence, each with stunning window treatments, delicate wall trim and privacy for family and group stays with four to eight guests. The Pioneer’s Suite houses guests under a soaring ceiling with generous picture windows, while the Explorer Suite executes a vision of utmost style and privacy in its unique floorplan.

wildflower lounge

At Life House LoHi’s onsite lounge and restaurant, inspiration flows upward from the roots of historic Denver and outward towards local farmers and makers. Plant-forward plates, meticulously crafted cocktails and natural wines are the highlights of Wildflower’s menu, drawing inspiration from the Western landscape and the traditions of the neighborhood’s original Italian and Mexican settlers.

The interior space does not stray far—if at all—from the menu’s contemporary homesteader motif. The vintage décor, timeless artwork and early century barware was sourced from either local artists or Denver’s unparalleled antique showrooms. The main dining room is steeped in rich finishes, from the routed ebonized walnut and brass paneling, to a hand-illustrated graphic wall covering created by the in-house design team. Awe-inducing plant life from local favorite Little Eden adds the natural textures of the West to this extravagant space.

Enrich your Denver stay with authentic accommodations and caringly-crafted fare at Life House LoHi and Wildflower.