milehimodern + semple brown talk evolutionary office design at denver design week

denver, colorado

Denver Design Week brings together the area’s most vibrant, artfully driven minds to talk architecture, interior design and more. This year, milehimodern co-owner Carmelo Paglialunga teamed up with Haily Tweedie of Semple Brown to discuss the impact of architecture in real estate, focusing on the process and inspiration of milehimodern’s own LoHi gallery space.

Haily, lead designer for the project, discussed the specific challenges of designing an office space that served multiple purposes. Haily mentioned, “One of the things I had to wrap my head around was the flexibility of the space. Architects like myself are tied to their desks. Brokers, however, are touch-and-go. Thinking of the way they would use the space as a home base gave me more flexibility and confidence to create a curated moment for both them and their clients.”

The space in question is a light-filled, open-concept office immersed in natural materials and an earthy motif that took nearly 18 months to unfold from ideation to completion. Individuals entering the space may, at first, think they have stumbled upon an art gallery. Thoughtful lighting, opposing walls of touch-screen monitors and a stunning, expertly curated collection of artwork make the office feel more like a showcase and less like a workspace — and that was the idea.

“This space isn’t the norm when it comes to real estate offices,” said Carmelo. “Everything, from the way we showcase our homes to our collaborative, education-focused culture, is done differently at milehimodern. We like to push the envelope, so we wanted our clients to feel that when they enter this space.”

An audience of over 30 design-forward thinkers gathered at the LoHi showcase gallery to hear Carmelo and Haily discuss in depth the process of collaborating on the design and executing the final product. Both speakers lived in New York City prior to their residency in Denver, so they both understood the importance of utilizing the small office space to its fullest potential. Seamless cabinetry is tucked away between the touchscreen monitors while the mechanicals are hidden in the lower portion of a dimensional ceiling. A vast island separates the open showcase area from the cubicles in the back, acting as both a stylish barrier and a sleek stage for printed collateral or the occasional bottle of celebratory bubbly.

When asked by an audience member whether or not the speakers believed that the space was exemplary of how office design will change, both agreed that the future is flexible. “COVID has changed ‘the way we office,’” said Carmelo. “Flexible agents are productive agents; most of the time, they are face-to-face with clients or answering emails on the road. When agents do need a home base, open-concept office spaces allow for collaboration.”

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