milehimodern’s q4 2021 market report + year-end summary | denver + boulder

For the past three years, milehimodern has focused on artistry and human connection as the foundation of real estate. Now, as we enter into 2022, that informed approach, coupled with our expert brokers, has afforded us the privilege of growth as a brokerage. As the landscape of the market shifts, our brokers continue to guide our clients and offer the highest level of service. Through this report, buyers and sellers alike can begin to understand 2021’s market trends, allowing them to better prepare for another heated year ahead in Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas.

about milehimodern

milehimodern (mhm) is Colorado’s premier real estate brokerage focused on the artistry of living. We believe in connection first; that every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property. We are bringing an artful experience to real estate, energizing one soul at a time. To learn more about our real estate services, please visit For press inquiries, reach out to