Jon Troshynski

Jon Troshynski

/ / motivated. humorous. honest.

A passion for networking, design and connecting with people inspires Jon Troshynski’s dynamic approach as a Denver broker. Immersed in effective communication and professionalism, Jon thrives on building relationships and trust, prioritizing open conversation to ensure his clients feel valued and supported. As a founding member of one of the largest networking groups in Colorado, Jon leverages his networking specialization and expertise to connect clients with unique opportunities and to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments. His enthusiastic and genuine nature shines through in every interaction, making him an engaging and relatable guide throughout the transaction process and beyond.

Immersed in the world of real estate from a young age, Jon was surrounded by family members who shared a strong passion for the industry. Witnessing the detailed craftsmanship of well-built homes allowed him to develop an understanding and deep appreciation for the intricacies of real estate. Jon’s robust experience in real estate sales, major renovations, house flipping and managing vacation rentals is bolstered by his background in the flooring and design industry. This unique perspective has armed him with a deep knowledge of aesthetics as he ensures every property he works with is visually appealing, marketable and poised for success.

Well known for his vibrant spirit, Jon’s fun-loving personality allows him the unique ability to foster opportune collaborations. Combining market expertise, professionalism and strong communication skills allows him to consistently deliver exceptional results and create positive and memorable experiences. Jon takes pride in his ability to help clients discover the unique selling points of their homes through his knowledge of design and effective marketing. Skilled at forming lasting connections, he instills confidence in his commitment to consistently secure the most favorable outcome.

professional proficiencies

  • in-depth knowledge of Denver + surrounding area
  • specialization in networking
  • strong communication skills

A talented performer with a musical background, Jon’s happy place is found on stage. He enjoys attending art and design and art shows, dining at restaurants, visiting new places and spending quality time with his partner, friends and family. When he’s not helping clients, Jon can easily be found catching up with friends, working out at the gym or taking his dog on a walk while listening to a podcast.

home staples

  • soda water
  • chicken
  • almond butter

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