Maria Bakaj Wines

Maria Bakaj Wines

/ / trustworthy. intuitive. versatile.

Maria Bakaj Wines’ approach to real estate is indicative of her honest and intuitive nature. Dedicated to serving the Denver Metro and parts of Boulder County, Maria’s people-centered methodology prioritizes keeping clients informed and empowered throughout their real estate journeys. With a background in software development at companies like Accenture, Mortgage Cadence and Metlife, Maria brings a unique blend of technical expertise and financial systems knowledge to her real estate career.

Maria stands out amongst brokers with her empathetic character and a genuine passion for making people feel valued. She views both individuals and homes as unique entities, swiftly connecting buyers with their ideal properties. Maria’s childhood fascination with open houses and a deep interest in homes, construction and their stories laid the foundation for her career shift from software development to real estate, driven by her desire to help clients achieve their diverse homeownership goals. Having lived in Colorado since 2013, Maria brings a distinct love for the area and can easily identify the communities in which clients can experience their best lives.

Maria’s clients consistently praise her for her dedication, care and strategic thinking, all while enjoying Maria’s humorous personality that makes anyone feel instantly comfortable with her. While Maria works with a diverse clientele, she has a niche in assisting engineers and investors, catering to both first-timers and seasoned professionals. With her diverse background, technical proficiency and unwavering love for real estate, Maria Bakaj Wines brings her advisor mentality to every client journey.

professional proficiencies

  • in-depth knowledge of real estate investing
  • transactional savviness
  • intuitive, trustworthy approach

Maria enjoys a well-rounded life outside of real estate, with passions for cooking, gardening, walks and tennis. In her free time, she often cooks up delicious meals and takes leisurely walks with her husband and kids. She’s actively involved in supporting her children’s school and pro-Ukraine organizations. Additionally, Maria speaks fluent Ukrainian and cherishes time spent at the Denver Botanical Gardens.

home staples

  • Ruggable rugs
  • faux fur blanket
  • kitchen counter stools

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client love

“Maria was a joy to work with and made buying our first home an absolute breeze. She got our showings scheduled super fast, coordinated offers and did an amazing job with closing. Can’t recommend her enough!”
Oct 23, 2023
“Maria helped me buy a condo a few years ago. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to pull the trigger, but I also was only interested in one building, and especially a south-facing unit on floors 2-4 of that building (I am not comfortable with heights). Firstly, Maria helped me hone in on what floors I was comfortable with by showing me a variety of units on different low floors. When a unit came on the following week in my preferred location in the building, I was hesitant. Maria ran metrics, by pulling comps, to see how often a unit like this would come up. She determine about once every four years. Not only did she tell me this but she showed me through data. I never felt pressured, but rather I was able to see for myself that I needed to buy that unit. I am so happy I did as no other unit has come up. Highly Recommend!”
Oct 22, 2023
It is really hard to describe this ‘X Factor,’ but I am extremely grateful that I found it in Maria. I definitely plan on doing business with her for years to come!”
Oct 21, 2023
With my gained confidence and Maria’s resources and assistance, I was able to close on a second house a year later! She was extremely attentive to my needs, criteria, and feedback. I was able to get a hold of her without a problem. When I was closing on this house, there was an issue with the financing at the closing table due to technicalities on the bank’s end. Usually, when there are issues this late in the process, it makes it less likely that the buyer will close. However, she was able to mediate with the sellers to keep the deal alive and had connections and resources that were able to fix the paperwork issues within the hour. I was able to close on my second property!
Oct 20, 2023
“I am a real estate investor and I have been working with Maria for the past 3 years. I have worked with several others in the past, but Maria is a step above the rest! When I was buying my first house, I was stressed out during the process. I can attest to her extensive market knowledge and empathy. She held my hand through every step of the process and provided the necessary resources to get the deal done. By the end of it all, I felt like I had gained a friend and a mentor.
Oct 19, 2023
“Maria was amazing! She negotiated the maximum amount of seller concession I could have gotten, and she was able to get me under contract quickly in a chaotic market.”
Oct 18, 2023

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