Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein

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Introducing Rachel Klein, the marketing maven behind The Goodacre Group within milehimodern — now serving the vibrant Boulder community and surrounding Boulder County as a licensed broker. With over a decade of dedicated service to Boulder and 14 years of experience across Colorado, Rachel brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise to her role as a broker. Her commitment to this region is profound, as she has developed a deep understanding of its neighborhoods, market dynamics, and the unique needs of its residents.

As an entrepreneur with over seven years of ownership in Boulder-based businesses, Rachel’s innovative spirit and creative leadership shine through in her approach to real estate. Her background in luxury concierge vacation rentals and event production equips her with a unique perspective on marketing and client relations. Rachel’s experience in buying and selling multiple properties of her own, coupled with her skill in forecasting investment opportunities, provides her clients with invaluable insights and guidance.

Rachel’s warm, approachable demeanor and commitment to building strong relationships define her as a broker. She is dedicated to understanding her clients’ needs and delivering personalized solutions with creativity and integrity. With a passion for finding innovative solutions and a track record of success, Rachel strives to ensure her clients feel informed, empowered and confident throughout their real estate journey.

professional proficiencies

  • mold remediation + healthy remodel advisor
  • real estate investing
  • creative marketing strategy

As an accomplished skier and snowboarder with over three decades of experience, Rachel embodies an adventurous spirit. Alongside her passion for playing in the mountains, Rachel is an active dancer, yogi and devoted mother to her two teenage boys, often spending her free time hiking with her dog or exploring Colorado. Rooted in her daily routine are three essential habits: meditation, movement and gratitude, which she practices diligently to maintain balance and clarity in all aspects of her life

home staples

  • Sonos speakers
  • Sunlighten sauna
  • silk pillowcases

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