get the word on safeguarding your summer haven 

Rising temperatures and longer days are the calling cards of summer and the adventures that follow. For Colorado residents, summer is the prime season for escaping to the cooler mountain temperatures to bask near the reservoirs, hike a 14er, discover a new town or camp beneath a canopy of stars. No matter what route the summer season takes you, it is essential to ensure that your home is safe from disasters, including burglaries.  

According to a study by the Jacksonville State University, most home burglaries occur from June through August between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. — a time when most homeowners are out enjoying the weather in one of Colorado’s many recreational areas. The importance of home security in the summer months is crucial to both the prevention of break-ins and to the peace of mind necessary for a relaxing, adventure-filled getaway. 

keep a home travel checklist


Organized travel aficionados use a checklist for packing, shopping, destinations and more. Creating a checklist for home security is an additional pre-travel task that is crucial to protecting your belongings and maintaining peace of mind while away. Although an empty home can attract unwanted attention from burglars, implementing the following home security measures can potentially prevent break-ins.  

  • Use timers or smart home solutions for lights and televisions to create the illusion of an occupied home. 
  • Inform trusted neighbors or friends about your travel plans, so they can keep an eye on your property.  
  • Avoid posting vacation plans on social media platforms, as it can tip off potential burglars. 

explore full-service home security systems

From simple smart-home solutions such as app-powered thermostats and doorbells to robust, professionally installed cameras and alarms, modern
home security systems make it easy to monitor your home from afar. While DIY home security installation is always an option, local home security professionals take the guesswork out of what systems are best for each residence. Companies like Harrison Home Systems, an award-winning Denver and Boulder home security organization, work with homeowners to create bespoke home surveillance systems. Additionally, Harrison Home Systems offers a long list of home AV and networking services, including lighting, air/water purification, home entertainment and more. 

  • Determine your home’s security needs and consult a professional before exploring the DIY route. 
  • Research which home security options offer app-controlled monitoring that syncs up with lighting, appliances, door locks and thermostats. 
  • Ensure that your selected home security system has a backup power option in case the electricity goes out. 

play it safe, even when at home

With the arrival of summer, Colorado residents often embrace open windows and doors to welcome fresh air and to usher in the coveted sunshine. However, open doors and windows can also serve as an invitation for intruders. At nighttime, these threats multiply as intruders are less likely to be identified. By taking a few easy precautions, you can enjoy the summer breeze without compromising your home’s security.

  • Consider using window and door sensors as part of your home security system to receive instant notifications if they are opened. 
  • Use window coverings strategically to prevent outsiders from peeking into your home and identifying valuable items. 
  • Install motion-activated lights around the perimeter of your home, ensuring any suspicious activity is illuminated. 
  • Regularly inspect and reinforce gates and fences to deter unauthorized access. 

While the summer months offer us respite and enjoyment, it’s crucial to prioritize the security of our homes. By implementing the right security measures, being vigilant and making smart choices, you can protect your property and loved ones from potential threats. Whether you’re traveling, enjoying outdoor activities or simply relaxing at home, remember that a safe and secure haven is key to a worry-free summer season.



Consult a local, award-winning professional about your home security needs prior to your summer getaway by reaching out to Harrison Home Systems today.