5280 magazine recognizes milehimodern brokers amongst the area’s top producers

denver, colorado

5280 Magazine’s highly anticipated annual edition featuring the Top Real Estate Producers spotlights the outstanding sales accomplishments of the region’s most prolific brokers. As the premier luxury real estate brokerage serving Denver and Boulder, milehimodern (mhm) proudly celebrates the inclusion of 48 of its brokers in this prestigious roster. The collective success underscores the brokerage’s core belief in prioritizing connections and honoring the unique stories imbued within every home. 


“At milehimodern, we strive for unparalleled performance,” notes Carla Thompson, Co-owner of milehimodern. “We embrace innovation, often charting our own course in the industry to set new standards.” 


milehimodern’s brokers are renowned for their adept storytelling, cutting-edge marketing techniques and community-centered approach, making them sought-after guides in the dynamic real estate landscape. Supported by the brokerage’s educational initiatives and leadership mentorship, individuals and teams consistently surpass growth targets and sales milestones, often within their first year. 


Carmelo Paglialunga, Co-owner of the firm, expresses pride in mhm brokers’ professionalism and dedication to excellence, affirming, “Our mhm brokers are industry leaders, committed to delivering the utmost quality in service.” 


Navigating the complexities of Colorado’s real estate market, particularly in recent years, demands innovative negotiation strategies and compelling marketing tactics. By showcasing the inherent beauty of properties and infusing transactions with a human touch, milehimodern redefines the art of buying and selling real estate. The brokerage recognizes the remarkable achievements of the brokers who embody its mission and vision, shaping the industry’s future through their daily endeavors. 


Double Black Diamond Individual Brokers // $30M+ 

Peter Blank 

Jennifer Egbert 

Rachel Gallegos 

Kristin Harris 

John McElveen 

Scott Noble 

Carmelo Paglialunga 

Courtney Ranson 

Kim Thompson 

Lauren Valinoti


Black Diamond Individual Brokers // $15M+ 

Stacy Weinstein

Kyle Bassegio

David Bell 

Caitlin Clough 

Lisa Cook 

Rebecca Cooper 

Brie Cosgriff 

Lindsey Harshman 

Lauren Daniels 

Colin Dart 

Olga de Lange 

Bert Gillette  

Randi Goldberg 

Tyler Martini 

Candace Newlove-Marrs 

Jerilee Peterson 

León Ramirez 

Jack Urbano 

Blaine Ussery 

Ashton White 


Black Diamond Teams of Three to Five // $30M+ 

Audrey Hoholik, Morgan Hoholik + Paige Hoholik 

Megan Harper, Rachael Miesen + Susan Miesen 


Double Black Diamond Teams of Two // $45M+ 

Bill Goodacre + Tim Goodacre 

Corrie Lee + Karen Nichols 

Alison Zuckert + John Zuckert 


Black Diamond Teams of Two // $20M+ 

Ben Clark + Sarah Labram Antonellis
Bob Brown + Grace Sullivan 

Michael Hughes + Anne Wells 

Susie Best + Kelly Reed 

Nicole Rufener Team 

about milehimodern

milehimodern (mhm) is Colorado’s premier real estate brokerage focused on the artistry of living. We believe in connection first; that every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property. We are bringing an artful experience to real estate, energizing one soul at a time. To learn more about our real estate services, please visit mhmhomes.com. For press inquiries, reach out to press@milehimodern.com.