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milehimodern’s Top Home Sales in Boulder + Denver Exemplify Excellence in Luxury Real Estate Q4 2023 

denver + boulder, colorado

Between October and December 2023, milehimodern’s leading real estate agents achieved remarkable success in facilitating top home sales in the competitive Denver and Boulder markets. Jennifer Egbert, one of milehimodern’s premier brokers, played a pivotal role in the quarter’s two highest sales, amounting to $6.53M and $8.26M. Her approach exemplifies milehimodern’s commitment to luxury buyers, blending artistry and advocacy. 


Notably, milehimodern’s Spencer Clapperton and Courtney Ranson showcased their expertise by each representing two of the top 10 highest sales in the past quarter. In the dynamic Colorado real estate landscape, milehimodern remains dedicated to providing exceptional service and unparalleled expertise. Our pride stems from consistently elevating the standard of excellence for both luxury buyers and sellers. 


Whether you’re in search of premier properties or contemplating significant real estate goals, trust milehimodern as your most reliable real estate partner in the area. Explore the finest listings and experience excellence with our team. 


2285 Knollwood Drive // $8,257,000 // Jennifer Egbert // Represented Buyer 

1331-1357 Baker Street // $6,533,000 // Jennifer Egbert // Represented Buyer 

1095 Redwood Avenue // $4,444,000 // Spencer Clapperton // Represented Seller 

2255 Emerald Road // $3,920,000 // Spencer Clapperton // Represented Buyer 

2860 7th Street // $3,291,400 // Kim Thompson // Represented Seller 

1055 Josephine Street // $3,225,000 // Courtney Ranson // Represented Seller 

225 Clermont Street // $2,750,000 // Courtney Ranson // Represented Seller + Buyer 

3 Ridge View Road // $2,713,800 // Olga de Lange // Represented Buyer 

2900 Linden Drive // $2,700,000 // Gretchen Heine // Represented Buyer 

49 Charlou Circle // $2,575,000 // Heather Harrington // Represented Seller 

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milehimodern (mhm) is Colorado’s premier real estate brokerage focused on the artistry of living. We believe in connection first; that every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property. We are bringing an artful experience to real estate, energizing one soul at a time. To learn more about our real estate services, please visit For press inquiries, reach out to