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The art of interior design is a journey in self-reflection — one that is rooted in uniqueness, personalization and functionality. As we nestle into chilly temperatures and longer evenings, we’re reminded of the importance of refreshing our homes to inspire and invigorate us throughout the frosty winter months. Working with a professional interior designer will allow you to unlock the highest potential of your space and create a vision that speaks to your individuality and lifestyle.   

The collaborative process between the designer and homeowner is a showcase of artistry, transforming a home into a cohesive narrative. More than just arranging furniture and choosing a color scheme, custom interior design crafts a reflection of your distinct personality and preferences. Enlisting the expertise of a skilled interior designer will allow you to invent a space that expresses your personal style, has a functional flow and is filled with high-quality details. Indulge in a collaborative journey with expert designers to transform your home into a tailor-made space that speaks to your soul.  

express your personal style

Your home echoes your identity, and your style creates a unique impression that is meant to be showcased. Custom interior design allows every element to be crafted to fit your needs perfectly, from the initial concept to the final touches. Collaboration is at the heart of expressing your style in custom interior design. Working with skilled designers allows you to tap into their expertise while contributing your own ideas. This collaborative effort results in spaces that exceed expectations and are a true reflection of the client’s personality. 

First, it is essential to have a clear vision in mind for your overall goal of a space. Sarah Blette of Samari Design is a firm believer that your environment either supports you or brings you down, surrounding you with the energy of the elements it embodies. She explains that the secret is defining and understanding your own personal definition of “beautiful” to figure out which elements resonate with you and to let the rest go. This personal reflection makes room for creative freedom, allowing you the opportunity to infuse your space with the elements that resonate with your vision.  

Identifying where to begin in the design process can be daunting, especially when you have a vision in mind but no idea where to begin. When designing a space, Heather Goerzen of Havenly always starts with a palette, believing the color scheme sets the overall ambiance for any given space. She gets to know each of her clients on a personal level, working together to identify their unique home priorities and design goals. Identifying inspiration images, Heather dives into learning what they’re drawn to and why, plus more detailed questions about their functional home needs to ensure the perfect marriage of form and function.  

Your personal style intertwines with your lifestyle to create the perfect balance of practicality and poise. Nic Leggett and Mark Knudson, founders of Sovereign, trust that the design process should always be a collaboration, not a dictatorship. All of their projects are a partnership, jump-started by hyper-analyzing their clients’ lifestyles and how they plan to interact with a space. The design duo takes the time to analyze and highlight a home’s “moments” — little parts that have inherent drama and weight and add immeasurable quality to a space to create intimate escapes.  

create a functional flow

Custom interior design ensures that every aspect of your home is meticulously planned so that it is not only beautiful, but practical. Donna Mondi, a visionary in the realm of interior design, utilizes an approach centered on prioritizing functionality as the initial step in her design process. Once she has ensured that a space serves its intended purpose effectively, she then focuses on crafting a visually appealing and inspiring environment. She explains that as a professional, she is tasked with delivering both functionality and aesthetics, knowing how to effectively balance and prioritize these two fundamental principles.  

Functionality fuses with form in interior design, and this is evidenced in the partnership between siblings Mark and Julie Brayton of Brayton Interiors. Regardless of the style of a home, they can achieve their targeted feel by focusing on what they consider to be the top three elements of good design — balance, proportion and scale. Mark and Julie share that a well-designed space starts by pulling from the original architecture of the home with cohesive proportions, finishes and style of fixed finishes.   

A notable interior designer, Julie Doman creates spaces that her clients consider to be their own unique sanctuaries. From the beginning of a project, she is thinking about forming a functional floorplan along with curating the furniture, art and fixtures that will create a look that fits the home. Julie’s eye for clean design allows her to influence a home’s energy with a sense of visual flow and balance.  

The addition of inspiring artwork or patterns in a home can also help to define certain spaces or create a seamless flow from room to room. Batya Stepelman — founder of her own niche wallpaper company WallTawk — utilizes curated wallpaper to make a bold statement. Offering design consultations, she creates highly personalized rooms and spaces centered around a chosen pattern. Custom artwork and hand-painted murals enhance the home’s environment, and Meredith Steele and Kristen Fogarty of Magik Studios aim to transform empty spaces into creative atmospheres. The team explains that they want their clients to feel like the artwork they add to their homes reflects what they love and inspires them to tell their stories.  

add high-quality details

One of the most compelling aspects of custom interior design is the emphasis on quality craftsmanship. From handcrafted furniture pieces to unique fixtures and finishes, every detail is carefully curated to elevate the overall ambiance and longevity of the space. A dedication to high-quality details in interior design showcases the artistry and dedication invested into every element, transforming the space into a timeless reflection of personal style and sophistication.  

A renowned art advisor, Alexandra Ray has a flair for transforming spaces into captivating works of art through her experience in art consultancy. As an art advisor and art stager, Alexandra’s broad international outreach allows her to connect her clients with works that are highly desirable and collectible. Her ability to seamlessly blend art and real estate showcases how curated artwork can enhance property value and create a striking and memorable vision.  

Susan Weiss of Emerson Bailey, one of Denver’s most renowned antique and global furniture boutiques, believes in the discovery of objects that tell a story. She combines her passion for interior design with sourcing unique and special finds to create emotionally resonant environments. Susan’s design studio enables her clients to understand how a uniquely curated space that combines modern pieces with unique antiques and artisan crafts can transport them to a new, exceptional place that still feels like home.  

Specializing in the luxury market, Amanda Lewis from The Den practices the art of storytelling through staging and interior design. Drawing from her extensive art and vintage décor collection, she creates livable art with a non-traditional approach to staging and styling. Amanda thoughtfully tailors the look the feel to each individual home through unique design sensibility and highly curated furnishings and décor.  

Custom interior design is a meticulous process that culminates in a space that’s uniquely yours. Whether you’re designing a cozy cottage or a sleek penthouse, a skilled interior designer will help transform your space into a masterpiece that tells your distinct story. More than just aesthetics, custom interior design creates an environment that resonates with your soul, fostering comfort and a true sense of self.  


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