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Nestled within a state where the pulse of vibrant urban centers entwines with the grandeur of showstopping landscapes, and where a storied heritage resonates through time, Colorado stands as an epitome of captivating contrasts. This state has evolved into an inviting haven for not only nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers but also for those who seek to immerse themselves in the world of artistic expression and cultural innovation.

In honor of Colorado Day, we aim to cast a spotlight on the Boulder and Denver artists who have adeptly woven the threads of their creativity into the rich tapestry of Colorado’s essence. These artists, driven by an unwavering passion, possess the unique ability to perceive Colorado in all its multifaceted glory: a land that effortlessly transitions from serene beauty to rugged wilderness, and from historical depth to modern vibrancy.

featured image // Boulder artist Will Day’s studio space

whitman lindstrom // via

whitman lindstrom

Armed with a one-of-a-kind grasp of both color and shapes, Whitman Lindstrom crafts eye-catching landscapes with a post-impressionist flair. The resulting compositions are both an homage to the plein air technique and a love letter to nature’s constant, yet dynamic beauty. the voice of // website // instagram


will day

Every original piece by this local Boulder artist marries texture, scale and color to create a fascinating composition that encourages viewers to experience a spectrum of vibrations. When brought into the home, the power of Will Day’s art drifts beyond the canvas and flows into everyday life, offering the gift of inspiration and moments of emotional depth where there was once an empty wall. the voice of // website // instagram


richelle cripe // via
betsy cole // via
lydia pottoff // via

richelle cripe

A sense of romantic nostalgia is hidden in the brushstrokes of Longmont-based artist Richelle Cripe’s landscape paintings. Through vibrant, almost dreamlike color palettes, Richelle expresses her rich imagination and inherent love for the mountains. website // Instagram 


betsy cole

Boulder artist Betsy Cole’s ethos centers around the “unlearning” of the rigidity often associated with the history and techniques of art. The result is a portfolio of abstract pieces that offered her the freedom of expression and a sense of connection to her inner and spiritual self. Betsy’s inspiration from the natural world comes forth in many of her collections, though her art, much like her unconfined techniques, expand beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. website // Instagram 


lydia pottoff

Oil and pastel artist Lydia Potoff offers an impressionistic view of the world through landscape compositions and figurative works. Her innate grasp of light and motion, combined with her grasp of emotive brushstrokes, come together to inform a signature style that honors the world around us. website // instagram 


michael dowling // via

michael dowling

By carefully harmonizing the realism of the Renaissance with the raw emphasis on what he refers to as “the mark,” Michael Dowling intrigues the senses in layers of dreamlike visions. Dowling defines “the mark” as a voice: everyone has one, but some are stronger than others. Alongside his paintings, Dowling’s distinct expression expands into the mediums of sculpture and drawings. the voice of // website // instagram 

thomas evans // via
kazu oba // via

thomas “detour” evans

Thomas Evans, a.k.a. “Detour,” no longer needs an introduction. The artist touts collaborations with Netflix and the Denver Airport and has partnered with endless businesses to create showstopping murals — the latter of which showcases striking colors and pop culture iconography.  the voice of // website // Instagram 

kazu oba

While not an artist of the canvas, Kazu Oba’s ceramic craftsmanship is synonymous with elevated dining and a deeper relationship with food. Collaborations between Oba and some of Colorado’s finest establishments — including The Wolf’s Tailor and Sushi Den — bring galleries of Oba’s artistic works right to the tables of those seeking a mesmerizing dining experience. the voice of // website // Instagram 


jessica loving

The fleeting simplicity of seasonal beauty is the basis of inspiration for artists across the globe — and the resulting work is exemplary of each individual’s relationship with the earth. For Jessica Loving, that relationship is embodied by large-scale interpretations of light and color informed by the seasons. Since childhood, Jessica has been in a state of exploratory expression. From spending days outside in the foothills of Denver to studying fine art in college, Jessica delves into the experience of living and interprets those moments into renowned works of art. the voice of // website // instagram 


jessica loving // via


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