get the word on crafting a chic laundry room

Embracing stylish and functional updates to our homes is at the top of our laundry lists of tasks as we enter a new year. Often overlooked as a catch-all or multipurpose storage space, investing in creating a personalized laundry room can spark joy surrounding even the most mundane of chores. Crafting a custom laundry space suited to the specific needs of a household can offer loads of benefits for organized living. Below, we’ve gathered ways to amplify your laundry room for a refreshed design that will radiate throughout your entire home.

maximize space with storage

A laundry room serves as the keeping place of a host of home essentials — and creative storage is a must-have to make the most of this space, no matter the size. Centered around a sleek washer and dryer set, storage options including overhead and base cabinetry afford plenty of room for storing cleaning products and supplies.

A local cabinet designer, such as Harlan Jasper, can customize storage solutions to a specific space to maximize functionality. The addition of a folding table or upgraded countertops makes folding and organizing clothing a breeze while built-in shelving with the addition of stylish baskets or containers provides design-worthy storage. A hanging rod can also aid in organization, offering a special space for keeping crisp shirts fresh out of the dryer.

As we focus on refreshing and reinvigorating our homes for the upcoming year, a clean and organized laundry room can inspire cheer in cleaning. Think about storage options that are not only practical, but also polished to create a space that is reflective of your home’s distinct personality.

choose a distinct color palette

Soft neutrals, muted hues, bright pops of color — no matter your style, a laundry room offers the perfect setting to play with unique design choices. Look at options for eye-catching tile to make a statement with subtle texture, black and white checkerboard or artistic patterns. Or explore creative wallpaper options, going big with bold prints, minimalist with clean stripes or classic with whimsical florals. Mixing tones and textures will result in a space that is balanced and fun, making laundry less of a chore and more of an escape.

add a utility sink

A functional addition to a laundry room, a utility sink offers a designated area for washing delicate garments or cleaning up during the clothes-washing process. A stylish sink paired with sleek fixtures can add to the overall aesthetic of the laundry room as well as serve as a unique focal point. Imagine the vintage look of a farmhouse sink or the practicality of a stainless steel sink. While washing clothing, consider the benefits of implementing eco-friendly practices in your home, including sourcing household cleaners and soaps from JOY FILL in Northwest Denver.

implement space for pets

Our furry friends add loads of love and a dash of messiness to our homes. Every dog owner has experienced muddy paws stamped across freshly cleaned floors and dreaded the impending mess to follow a wash in the bathroom. A designated dog wash station in the laundry room can help keep pet messes contained to one space. Depending on the size of your pet, a tub or shower surrounded by stylish storage can be the perfect solution to maintain tidiness throughout the rest of the home.

add stylish and functional accents

Complementing the color scheme, chic accents can elevate the overall aesthetic of the space while also flaunting functionality. Adding rustic flair, a sliding barn door can conceal a washer and dryer set or cover a closet. The addition of a clothing rack for drying or a built-in ironing station can provide ease to any laundry routine, saving more time and energy for other household chores. In addition to natural light, unique lighting fixtures will brighten the space and mood throughout the washing, drying and folding process.

As we envision home updates that will maximize value, consider adding a laundry room refresh to your list of home maintenance.

Transform your laundry room into a stylish and functional space.