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get the word on creating a home fitness haven 

Deep in the dark and dreary winter months, the urge to slow down and hibernate in our homes can be strong. As snow flurries fall outside and the wind chills us, venturing outdoors to brave the cold may be the last thing on our minds. With creativity and intention, your home can become a haven for staying active and maintaining wellness during the chillier seasons. Transforming your space into a home fitness haven involves a thoughtful blend of design, equipment and routine to prioritize your health and well-being.  


Winter is the perfect time of the year to upgrade your home with a focus on rejuvenation and self-care. Below, we explore different ways to revamp your home wellness this season with a home gym, yoga studio or sauna. Or embrace seasonal activities, knowing a cozy retreat awaits at home after a long day spent in nature. By prioritizing our home health and wellness spaces in the colder months, we can emerge into spring with a renewed sense of vitality. 

 get the word on creating a home fitness haven

design the perfect home gym


The first step in creating a winter-friendly fitness space is to design a home gym that motivates and inspires. Consider dedicating a corner of the home office, an upper-level loft or a flex space on the lower level to creating a designated space for your personalized workout routine. Once you’ve designated a space in your home, reflect on the atmosphere that you want to create. Think about adding fresh white wall color or refreshing blue and green tones to promote focus and serenity. Mirrors are not only practical for checking your form but can also make the space feel larger and more inviting. Personalize the space with motivational décor or a vision board with your fitness goals to inspire your best performance during your home workouts.  


When it comes to equipment, prioritize versatility and functionality for a well-rounded sweat session. Adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands and a stability ball are all excellent choices for a variety of workouts. If space and budget allow, you might also consider investing in a cardio machine such as a treadmill, elliptical or Peloton equipment. Ensure your home gym is kept tidy and organized with shelving units or storage bins for smaller items like towels, water bottles and workout accessories. This not only keeps clutter hidden away but also makes it easier to find your home fitness essentials when it’s time to exercise.  

 get the word on creating a home fitness haven

inspire serenity in a home yoga studio


Winter is the perfect time to delve into the soothing and renewing practice of yoga. Instead of simply rolling out a mat in any spare corner, consider cultivating a space in your home that promotes relaxation, mindfulness and inner peace. Begin by choosing a quiet area where you can practice without distractions. Soft, diffused lighting can help create a calming ambiance, so opt for lamps with warm bulbs or install dimmer switches if possible. If natural light is available, position your yoga mat near a window to connect with the outdoors and invite in fresh air. 


When it comes to decor, keep things simple, airy and clutter-free. A neutral color palette can help create a sense of serenity, while houseplants or natural elements like bamboo can add a touch of tranquility to the space. Envision hanging local artwork that inspires you and reflects your personal style. Invest in quality props like yoga blocks, straps and bolsters to support your practice and enhance your flexibility and alignment.  


Online platforms or apps for guided sessions will allow you to connect with virtual communities to stay motivated and engaged. Consider creating a playlist of calming music or ambient sounds to enhance your yoga experience. Whether it’s soft instrumental melodies or nature sounds like ocean waves or rainfall, the right soundtrack can help you sink deeper into your practice and cultivate a sense of mindfulness and presence. 

elevate relaxation with a home sauna


Adding a sauna to your home can be a luxurious and health-conscious addition, offering a retreat from the cold and a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you opt for a traditional steam sauna or a modern infrared sauna, the benefits are plentiful. Begin by choosing the right location for your sauna in a well-ventilated area with enough space for seating and easy access to a power source. When it comes to design, select materials that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as moisture-resistant cedar.   


Proper ventilation is essential for a safe and comfortable sauna experience. Ensure your sauna is equipped with vents or a window to allow steam to escape and fresh air to circulate and a timer or temperature control system to adjust the heat. Enhance the ambiance of your sauna with soothing lighting and accessories like towels, robes and essential oils. With proper care and maintenance, your home sauna can become the ultimate sanctuary for relaxation and wellness. 

 get the word on creating a home fitness haven

embrace seasonal activities


Winter is not just a season to endure, but an opportunity to embrace a whole new set of outdoor activities that can keep you active and engaged despite the colder temperatures. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Colorado’s coveted outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. These winter weather sports not only provide an excellent workout but also will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of our state’s gorgeous landscapes. Dress appropriately for the weather, layer up and explore the wonders of Colorado even in the colder months. 


Transforming your home into a winter wellness oasis involves a thoughtful blend of design, equipment and routine. Whether you prefer sweating it out in a home gym, finding inner peace in a home yoga studio or indulging in the warmth of a sauna, winter can be a time of rejuvenation and self-care. By prioritizing your health and well-being, you’ll not only survive but thrive during the frosty winter season.   


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